About Us

Plymouth Family Resource Center (PFRC)

PFRC is supported through funding from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services in collaboration with the Department of Children and Families, with the goal of assessing the needs of families and connecting them with appropriate resources.

Examples of Referrals to the PFRC: 

  • Mental health concerns for a youth of any age 
  • Behavioral concerns/defiance for a child of any age 
  • CRA/pre-CRA youth and families/school refusal/attendance issues for a child of any age 
  • Youth diversion cases from the juvenile court 
  • General concerns about a youth’s functioning for a child of any age 
  • Transitions in a family (divorce, death of a family member, recent move, domestic violence, substance use in family, natural disaster survivor, etc.) 
  • Kinship/Grandparents raising grandchildren (custody, placement, DCF, probate, transitions)
  • Family support around basic needs (i.e. food, housing, employment, cash assistance, health insurance, etc.)
  • Participation in any of our groups offered – parenting, youth, recreating, child education groups

*We serve families with youth ages 0-21

*Our goal is to eliminate barriers for families. Examples include but are not limited to: interpreters when needed, reimbursing for transportation to access PFRC services, free child supervision and meals for parenting groups, open evenings and Saturdays. 

*Anyone can make a referral to the PFRC. 

*Free services and no insurance needed. In referring families for services, we pay attention to insurance the family holds in accessing providers and assist with Mass Health application where appropriate. 

*We work in close partnership with all families and caregivers, kinship placement, grandparents raising grandchildren, LGBTQ, mental health providers, medical providers, schools, the juvenile court system, and DCF among others. 

*Referrals can be called in to any staff member, sent secure to staff, faxed to …., dropped off in person or mailed. 

What We Do

We look forward to helping you connect with your community.

  • Family Support Worker assists clients in accessing resources and supports in their community.
  • School Liaison works with caregivers as a bridge between families and their school district in supporting their child’s success in school.
  • Family Partner is a person with lived experience who has raised a child with mental health and behavioral health needs, supporting caregivers raising their children.
  • Licensed Clinician provides assessment and support services to families whose child is in need of support around their behavioral health needs to succeed at home, school and in the community. During an assessment the clinician and family build a family support plan and put appropriate services in place to support the youth and family.
  • Program Director manages and supports all aspects of the Family Resource Center ensuring that all families are getting the supports they need to be successful.